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Fantastic! It's all working now. I'll commit these details to memory...

Thanks for your help (and others too). This is a good list for getting prompt, useful replies.

Peter Colson.

On 23/03/2005, at 1:38 PM, Mike Pall wrote:


Peter Colson wrote:
gcc -o lua  lua.o -L. -llua -llualib -lm -ldl -Wl,-E

fails with OS X ld not supporting the '-E' flag.

Just comment out the whole "DL= ..." line in src/Makefile for OSX.

Since Lua 5.1 uses the native dynamic library functions, -ldl is
not required. Symbols are exported by default on OSX. But do not
use 'strip' on the executable ('strip -x' is ok, though).

With Lua 5.1 you should use require("xyz") and put the module into the
proper path ( /usr/local/lib/lua/5.1/ ).

Under OS X is the extension typically ',dylib' or '.so' or doesn't it
really matter?

It doesn't matter and Lua uses '.so' for consistency with other
POSIX machines (other ported apps do that, too).

ld: flag: -undefined dynamic_lookup can't be used with
MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET environment variable set to: 10.1

gcc -O2 -fno-common -c -o module.o module.c
gcc -bundle -undefined dynamic_lookup -o module.o