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If you just need Lua and extension modules, I'd strongly recommend running LuaX or Luacheia on the Mac. They provide a framework for building your modules, and take care of details like that.

Or.. at least you could have a look at their code, to see how the things have been done.


Shouldn't there be a "sample" dynamic module included with Lua core tgz now. I mean, if loadlib is supported, why not make a small and simple "start here" sample (that would compile on several architectures) to show how it's used. I think this shold go in the 'etc' directory, or somewhere. (no, wiki is no good for these, it needs to have the 'official' status stamped on it!) :)


22.3.2005 kello 06:18, Peter Colson kirjoitti:

Just want to check since I've seen plenty of references to dynamic loading and Max OS X on the list whether this is a simple 'loadlib(path/lib.dylib, initfunc)' process or is there still some trickery in getting Lua to dynamically load OS X libs.

Are there particular options I need to be aware of when building the dynamic library to allow it to load and expose it's init function (I saw something about prepending function names with '_c' or similar).

So far I keep getting a Nil return from loadlib.

Peter Colson.