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Hello, Paolo!
Good job! I'm too, have a need for C++ wrapper for Lua API. Actually,
I didn't find one, so I'm currently designing my own :) With your lib,
I may even abandon my version, and start using yours.
Few comments. 
1)I've passed through source (also I still didn't run it). As far as I
see, there is few problems:
In LuaFunction::call() you push return values to the list, but
popEntry() method assumes that value on stack is userdata, and it is
pointer to LuaObject. How can you assume this, and why do you think
Lua function will return userdata?
  for(int i=0; i<nReturnValues; i++)

2)test.cpp file looks like it working with test.lua, but it does not
load this script anywhere. How could it possibly work?

3)And a license  problem, somebody already mentioned.

Those are from brief look at the code. I'll take a closer look later.


On Mon, 14 Mar 2005 18:05:45 +0000, Paolo Capriotti
<> wrote:
> I've written a small C++ wrapper for the lua API, since I couldn't
> find one that fit my needs. I've added an entry in the lua addons
> section of lua-users wiki.
> Hope someone could find it useful. You can download it here:
> Even if documentation is not yet ready, you can easily understand how
> to use it by looking at the test.cpp source file.
> Paolo Capriotti

Best regards,