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> Is there any MIME type defined for Lua?

As in "MIME type for the returned page for a browser request"? Or as in
"MIME type for Lua source code intended to be displayed/edited on the

If you are talking about the result of a server script, I think returning
the MIME corresponding to the result (text/html, text/xml, image/gif
whatever) would be nicer.

> For example, Python seems to have something like
> "application/x-python"
> and "application/x-python-bytecode".

I'm not sure how this is/would be used. I thought Python on the browser side
was still a suggestion for the incoming Mozilla 2.0, no?

If you are talking about a browser extension offering Lua as the script then
"application/x-lua" could be the answer, but then a conversor like or Xavier's SAJAX solution could be
more useful.