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On Wed, Mar 09, 2005 at 08:31:50PM +0100, PA wrote:
> Hello,
> Is there any MIME type defined for Lua?
> For example, Python seems to have something like "application/x-python" 
> and "application/x-python-bytecode".
> Anything similar for Lua? "application/x-lua" perhaps?

I think it should be text/x-lua, in line with text/x-csrc,
text/x-java, etc., plus one could have application/x-lua-bytecode (or
x-lua-vm, again in line with java?)

My mime.types doesn't include python, but the only source code format
defined under application (a couple appear under both) is
application/x-perl, which seems reasonable since nothing but the Perl
interpreter can be expected to understand Perl code... :)

-- Jamie Webb