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Hello All,

We are using lua as a storing and manipulating a big set of data
(arranged as a set of nested tables containing lots of string
constants). After some time, the size of this data has grown to some
extent and now we are getting "constant table overflow" error and can't
load the file anymore.

The following script can be used to create a lua file that reproduces the problem:

for i = 1, 1000000 do
    print("a = \"" .. i .. "\"")

And the size of this test file is only 13MB. Maybe such limitations are
too restrictive? Is lua going to have a bigger constant table in the

And is there an easy way to hack lua 5.0.2 to increase this limit?
I don't quite understand constants in 'lopcodes.h' and not sure whether
it is safe to change them.