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I'm a Delphi user too and wanted to use Lua for scripting in our game
projects. I like things to be simple yet elegant. What I ended up coding was
an add-on for our game engine (GameVision) called ScriptVision. Features

* Based on Lua 5.0.2
* Easy, robust API interface
* Bindings for Delphi & C/C++
* Works with any language that supports standard DLLs
* Use the stdcall calling convention for maximum compatibility
* Support for:
  * error handling
  * call native/script routines and pass/get params
  * structs in both script/code
  * globals in both script/code
  * many stack oriented routines
  * run script from memory buffer or from dist
  * debug interface
* Much more

You can download it here: (~260KB)

Any feedback and suggestions would be most appreciated. I can also supply
C/C++ bindings if there is an interest. I have a script editor that is in
the works (syntax highlighting, debugging, etc).

I hope that it can be of use to someone.

Best regards,

Jarrod Davis,
Owner/Lead Developer
Big Daddy Games