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I'm currently shopping around for an embeddable scripting language to
include in
a delphi application. There seem to be many pascal scripting
components in delphi, but if possible I would like to use something I
can also use stand-alone (for those occasions where a full-fledged
delphi app would be over-kill).
I like the language concept of lua a lot, it is elegant and
straightforward, it would be excellent for the job, language-wise.
However, I am not a C programmer and I find it hard to get a feel for
what is possible when it comes to linking lua to other languages than
I would be very interested in any information you have on integrating
lua with Delphi. How do the lua environment and the delphi environment
integrate? What are the limitations? Is a two-way binding doable /
elegant / stable / hackish ?
In short, I would very much like to hear whatever information, war
stories, source examples you want to share, urls to other information
that helped you out with the problems you had implementing, the lot.

Thanks a bunch.