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Hello, Lua users,

There is a new release of LuaCOM, version 1.3, at

* What is LuaCOM?

LuaCOM is an add-on library to the Lua language (
that allows Lua programs to use and implement objects that follow
the Microsoft's Component Object Model (COM) specification and
the ActiveX technology for property access and method calls.

LuaCOM is implemented as a C++ library, and can be statically linked to
an application or loaded at runtime. LuaCOM is provided with its source code
and the makefiles required to build it, and works with both Lua 4 and Lua 5.

* Availability

LuaCOM is freely available for both academic and commercial
purposes and can be downloaded from the site below:

* What is new in version 1.3

Optionally uses the new Lua 5.1 package proposal.

OLE (ActiveX) controls implemented in Lua, with GUI. Please see
documentation and examples. Should work with any toolkit that can
create embedded windows. IUP 2.2.2 can't, but the LuaCOM website has a
patch that fixes it, and should be available in the next version of

Representation of variants using tables.

Conversion tag/metamethod for tables;

Representation of dates using tables;

More than one event sink can now be connected to an object;

New method of type libraries returned by GetTypeInfo exports all
enumerations of the library to a table;

Registered servers can now be removed from registry (unregistration);

Identifies when an interface pointer is in fact a local Lua table
implementing a COM object, returning the table instead of a proxy to
the interface pointer;

Fixed a memory leak with some out parameters;

Removed ending line break in system exceptions.

* Contacting the authors

LuaCOM has been designed and implemented by Vinicius Almendra and
Renato Cerqueira, and is maintained by Fabio Mascarenhas.
Send your comments, bug reports and anything else to

LuaCOM has been developed at Tecgraf, the Computer Graphics Technology Group
of PUC-Rio (the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil).
Tecgraf is a laboratory of the Department of Computer Science.

Renato Cerqueira
Research Staff Member
Tecgraf/PUC-Rio, Brazil

Fabio Mascarenhas
Research Staff Member
Tecgraf/PUC-Rio, Brazil