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On Friday 25 February 2005 14.58, crow wrote:
> Offtopic, but ty for that sig. I'm going to use that for a while on
> a forum. I lived by that through out my childhood, and it annoyed
> people no end. >:)
> >If it ain't broke, break it.  How else are you going to figure out
> >how it works?

*hehe* Me too. Toys without interesting technology inside were of 
little interest to me. Eventually, I started reassembling and/or 
rebuilding stuff too. :-D

Anyway, I actually think that's good programming practice. While 
figuring out how it works, you sometimes realize that it *doesn't* 

When I get the feeling that some code is flaky, I feel this need to 
slap it around, to see if it actually does break. More often than 
not, if I ignore that impulse, that code eventually breaks anyway - 
and of course, that usually happens at a point when I *really* don't 
want to, or have the time to mess with it.

In the bigger perspective, it seems to be more efficient to fix 
unreliable/messy stuff ASAP, before it's burried too deep, than to 
just leave it, hoping that it'll keep working just because it does 
for the moment.

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