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Romulo Bahiense <> wrote:
(24/02/2005 23:29)

>> It's good though, I like the way it works, what I know of it..
>Me too.
>	IMO, Lua's way is much better than most implementations in others 
>languages -- such as PHP, where you have to use functions, hacks or 
>uncommon (bizarres IMO) operands to test a variable's type, value or 
>even it's existence at all.
>I never get tired of saying how much I love Lua :)

Likewise. One of the things I like is the untyped aspect. I've read comments from programmers who hate that, but to me it's powerful stuff, and it's up to me to know what I want a variable to be. In common with JavaScript, I noticed that instead of worrying about whether it's string, or number, or even testing for same, I can just use X.."" or X*1 to coerce it if need be. To me, that, and things like X,Y=Y,X are elegant, and save no end of fumbling around.
I've not yet got used to the varieties of ways tables can express sets of data, but I like the way that all conventions I have known are easily implemented in Lua.