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A request for a few small additions to the next release. Forgive me if the features are already available--I am using an older 5.0.

1) Add 'math.nan' as a constant to the math library. At the moment, the "feature" of doing
      local nan = tonumber("nan")
works, but is inconvenient, probably non portable and hard to remember. Inclusion of the
       if v ~= v then ---is nan
mechanism in the reference manual would also be nice in lieu of a math.isnan Obviously issues arise when numbers are not reals---I suppose something such as MAXINT could
    be returned for the integer case.

2) Perhaps I am missing something, but there does not appear to be a convenient way to determine if a table is empty. Perhaps a 'table.isEmpty(t)' function could be added or even
    local arraysize,haveHashes = table.stats(t)
which would reveal something about the internals of the table (i.e. how much is allocated to array and whether it is a pure array). Handy for estimating likely heap size in test situations.

3) Some way to access file handles in C code. At the moment I have to look at the io library source and see that the file handle userdata is a "FILE*" and put in check and caste code accordingly. Probably not portable in general. Something like 'luaL_tofilehandle(L, arg)' might be helpful.

4) The issue of accessing nested tables comes up on a regular basis. Doing so in the API is tedious, so
    I am sure everyone has rolled their own equivalent of:
           lua_gettablepath(L, arg, "key1", "key2", ..., NULL)
using varargs. Would be nice to standardize this as a convenience function.

5) Please, please add a section to the Reference Manual documenting the functions in lauxilib.h. Would make it much easier to get up to speed on what routines are available. While I am on the subject, it would also be nice if this was called 'luaaux.h' or something with 'lua' at the front as that would lessen the likelihood of collisions with other e.g. Linux include files in future OS releases. Even
    better would be something like:
         #include <lua/core.h>
         #include <lua/lib.h>
         #include <lua/aux.h>
but that is rather Unix specific and makes it a little harder to have competing versions installed.