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On Thursday 24 February 2005 07.25, Taj Khattra wrote:
> > (Ok, I wasn't plain guessing when I made those decisions, but most
> > papers I've seen on stack vs register based VMs and the like are
> > mostly theoretical, or based on prototype/proof-of-concept
> > implementations.
> here's a link to a (short) 1997 paper which describes the rationale
> for choosing a register-based vm for inferno, in preference to a
> stack-based vm, for easier on-the-fly compilation:

Thanks! I've read some papers on Inferno and Dis, but probably not 
this one... I think I would have remembered that Dis uses refcounting 
for primary memory management - just like EEL.

I'll have to take a closer look at the GC they're using to deal with 
cycles... EEL itself doesn't generate cycles, but user code can, and 
I'd rather like to deal with them automatically, as long as it can be 
done without ruining RT performance.

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