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A pre-information about a feature in upcoming LuaX that might be beneficial for others, too.

Persistant tables (no trademark applied :) is a way to make Lua tables that sync automatically to a disk image. It works as a module, using SQLite3, but that is just an implementation detail.

The API:

-- Opens a persistant table to work with (creates the database file if not there).
-- 'section' is an optional string, allowing to have several, independent tables
	-- of data within the one filename.
	[per_obj] [,err_str]= open( fname_str [,section_str] )

-- Closing the handle is not really required, GC will do it automatically.
	void= close( per_obj )

The 'per_obj' value can be used as any regular table, writing numbers, strings, booleans and/or tables to it. Tables are written on disk as a transaction, supposedly guaranteeing data integrity. Reading data is fast, writing _can_ be fast (if syncing is turned off).

Iterating over the contents is possible in LuaX (but not in plain Lua) using the regular 'pairs' and 'ipairs' functions.