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I'm fairly new to both Lua the language and the C-API, so please bear with me. I also hope this hasn't been asked to often, I've done searches through the archives and come across similar information but nothing that really solves my particular situation.

I have a number of entities in a game I'm working on and I want to bind a lua script to each entity that will be used to describe it's behaviour. I want to do this with coroutines so that each entity can yield once it has done it's current bit of the update. There appeared to be some functions called lua_cobegin(), etc. that helped implement coroutines from the C end in the lua 4 days, but I can't find it in the version I'm using (5.0.2) so I assume it's deprecated.

I want to implement something that looks like this:

   -- various state functions will go in this section
   function player_idle()
       while true do

   -- initialisation code and the call to the first state will go here

This doesn't appear possible by what I can tell because the yield() would need to know what coroutine this script is in relation to (a script is not a coroutine right?). Please tell me I'm wrong because I'm not proud of the next solution I started implementing. So I ended up doing something like this:

   function player_idle()
       while true do

   return coroutine.wrap(player_idle)

From the C-side of things, I lua_open(), luaopen_base() (to get the coroutines). I then luaL_loadfile() the script. I then call lua_call(). I assume this now creates a global player_idle function and then returns a new coroutine. From the C side of things I now have a number on the stack, but I'm not sure what to do with that number? Where do I go from here?

Thanks in advance,
- Mab

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