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I am testing out Lua 5.1(work 4) against a patched 5.0.2 version (using an OSX loadlib patch from

My patched version seems to loadlib fine, but the 5.1(4) version seems not to. I have commented out MYLDFLAGS and MYLIBS in src/Makefile, as recommended elsewhere on the web (as I understand these are Linux-directed and avoids the "undefined -E" problem).

terminal session below. lua is the 5.0.2 version (libs and app), ./lua is the 5.1(4) version, and ./swapLua is a shell script rotating the lualibs in /usr/local: ---------------------------------- bash-2.05a$ lua test.lua Component1 foo! Component1 bar! bash-2.05a$ ./swapLua bash-2.05a$ ./lua test.lua symbol `create' not found init bash-2.05a$ ---------------------------------- test lua below: ---------------------------------- create,err1,err2 = loadlib("./comp1.cpp.comp","create");

if (create) then comp1 = create() else print(err1)

if (comp1) then
comp1.cpp's create follows:
extern "C"
int create (LuaState l) {
return 1; } ----------------------------------- create is a static template class function, which instantiates the component1 object, creates a lua table, populates it with extern "C" functions and returns it.

Is this from a different approach to the patch I have been using, as I would prefer to use the "authorised" version of loadlib if possible? I am fully prepared that my coding approach is flawed :)


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