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On Friday 11 February 2005 7:35 am, Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo wrote:
> LibHTTPD seems nice and simple to bind to Lua. But I wonder whether it'd
> be better to have as much of it in Lua. I don't have an answer but would
> like to hear what the people working on that direction think.

yep, i've just read the LibHTTPD and it really seems easy to bind to Lua.  
maybe if i had known about it before, i wouldn't have started luahddpd ;-)

but now it's going very well, and the new 'threads under coroutines' library 
is a nice project on its own.

if i get some free time, and nobody does it first, i'd like to do at least a 
CGILua launcher for LibHTTPD.  even better, bind LibHTTPD as a lua library, 
and then write the main loop in Lua, with a CGILua handler... oh, well, it's 
not a difficult project but i have to keep focused with what i have in hands 

OTOH, as Luiz suggests, the HTTP part of a server isn't the most 
time-sensitive part, and writing it totally in Lua is very effective.


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