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On Saturday 05 February 2005 9:12 am, Ashwin Hirschi wrote:
> Of course, having a little error-checking in there wouldn't hurt [unless
> you're absolutely sure all your data is always available]. For instance, if
> the 2nd table would somehow be missing, Lua would (quite correctly) throw
> an alert during your last lua_gettable call. Depending on circumstances,
> that could be a bit embarrassing, I think.

that's one thing i think could be different.  in this case, the C calling code 
should do all the error-checking, no argue with that.  but in Lua, i find 
lots of times i want to do something like this:

var = table[index].field

but if i'm not sure that [index] is present in that table, i have to split in 

local temp = table[index]
if temp then var=temp.field else var=nil end

usually, i don't care about intermediate values, just if any part of the table 
fetchs fails, the whole expression should be nil, and i'd be happy to check 
the result just once and not every step.

in short, i'd like that 
(nil)[anything] == nil
instead of failing

does anybody object to this?


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