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On Saturday 05 February 2005 02.18, skaller wrote:
> On Sat, 2005-02-05 at 01:19, David Olofson wrote:
> > Of course - but there's always this "I can't build your code! 
> > that funny tool it's asking for!?"
> That's why I chose Python.
> It's more standard than the C compiler :) 
> However, Lua is viable too, even though not
> distributed as widely, simply because it is
> easy to build. You can just build it without
> any configuration stuff, since you have
> exactly one use for it you can preconfigure
> it easily for that use -- Lua was, after all,
> designed to be adapted and hacked like this.
> That way you only require one tool: an ISO C compiler.

Yeah... I was just thinking that it would be cool to have something 
nice that compiles with just the plain compiler and related standard 
tools - but having both a bootstrap and a real version of the same 
scripting engine in the same package sounds messy and hard to 

But of course, I could just use Lua instead! :-) long as Lua doesn't try to pull the same trick, that is...! 

> > Also, unless you're using *real* build tools, any tools that need 
> > be executed whenever you compile a modified source file are likely 
> > completely screw up the build process. It just won't work with an 
> > that has the preprocessor, compiler, linker and everything in one 
> > integrated, optimized monolith tool, unless the tool has explicit 
> > properly implemented support for external preprocessors.
> Sure but the client doesn't need an IDE to build your
> product, and you have a *real* IDE to develop it,
> namely Unix.

Yeah, you're right, of course. I'm not thinking straight. :-)

All the client needs is a .DLL, .so, .dylib or whatever, and (for 
developers) the API headers. They can compile it outside the IDE if 
need be, or just download a binary package.

/me being more stupid than usual tonight

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