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El 30/01/2005, a las 11:34, Asko Kauppi escribió:

Well, if you know of an OS X port of SciTE, please tell me. I don't think there is.

There's no port of Scite to OSX (I've been searching for it some time ago). I took a quick look at Scintilla's code to see wether it would be easily portable, but I decided not to port it myself due to my small knowledge of the AppKit.

Does anyone know of a decent Lua editor for Mac OS X?
Right now, I'm trying to use SubEthaEdit (don't ask):

SubEthaEdit is a pretty functional editor if you want a native OSX editor.

Any alternatives?

I personally use Vim, it's included with OSX, but the drawback is that you have to go down into a terminal to use it. There's MacVim, too (, with Carbon GUI, but I still prefer to use the commandline version.

Adrian Perez
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