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On Tue, 2005-02-01 at 06:10, André de Leiradella wrote:

> What I'm trying to say is: I can write cryptic code, I can write
> programs in assembly, I could even teach myself Perl ;), but users of my
> app can't, so anything that doesn't appear as normal code does not fit
> my needs, *because* of the users. Being Lua an easy to use language that
> can help extend other applications I think OOP syntax should be
> considered as an issue.

You should note that it has been. Lua already *does* provide
some OOP like syntax. You just want more :)

I have been looking at the Lua lexer and parser and both
could be fairly easily rewritten (I think) to be add new
constructions. Alternatively, made extensible.

I guess I could probably do this. However I see no way
to easily distribute the changes (I hate patches).
The lexer/parser aren't set up to be pluggable at the moment.

John Skaller,
voice: 061-2-9660-0850, 
snail: PO BOX 401 Glebe NSW 2037 Australia
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