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>>> 01/29/05 07:30PM >>>
>What do you mean by "putting OOP in the core"?
>Having native support to OOP in Lua:
>class A
>	function A(name)
> = name
>	end
That is a consistent syntax - but you know that everyone
will argue about the implementation ;)

>I agree it's more about modularity, but it's important in OOP to hide
the >implementation of the class and, most important, keep users out of
trouble. Just >telling them to not touch some properties is not enough
in my opinion.

Hm, most people drive to work in cars, which are lethal
weapons;  we are suprisingly relaxed about this.

I prefer languages where programmers are treated like adults
who are totally allowed to shoot themselves in the foot.  
Document public APIs well, and advise against
fiddling with stuff they don't understand.

steve d.