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>On Jan 27, 2005 at 12:05 -0300, Andr? de Leiradella wrote:
>> But is there a script language out there that:
>> 1) Has a clear syntax
>> 2) Has a small footprint
>> 3) Doesn't come with lots of modules that you can't remove from the core
>> 4) Has garbage collection
>> 5) Compiles in almost every plataform/compiler
>> 6) Is designed to embeded or is extremely easy to embed
>> 9) Has a nice API
>> 10) Is easy to extend
>> 11) Is (not necessarely only) object oriented
>> Sure there are some that have almost all those characteristics, and
>> I tried some of them. The main problems are with items 3, 5 and 6. I
>> could't get any of Pike, Ferrite, ElastiC and Ruby to compile under
>> Windows with BCC32.
>At the risk of veering off topic, have you looked at JavaScript (via
Not until you mentioned, but it doesn't do OOP nicely, it's looks like an hack.
>Thatcher Ulrich