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On Mon, 2005-01-31 at 13:20, David Olofson wrote:

> > This would simplify the core, slow down processing due
> > to the indirection, and make things extensible,
> > since you can replace the 'add' function.
> Dunno if it would slow things down all that much, actually... Calls 
> through function pointers are slightly slower, but switches and other 
> conditionals aren't exactly free either. 

Sure but I actually meant the bytecode should call a *Lua* function
not a C one.

I.e. it should treat

	a + b

just the same way it treads

	add (a,b)

right now. The standard library would predefine 'add'
to work just the same as 'a + b' does right now..

However since lookup in Lua is dynamic .. you could replace it
at run time :)

John Skaller,
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