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Hi, André.

I understand your point of view and agree with most of the things you said. Users are evil, they do mistakes and blame you for their own actions.

When I started in this mailing list, I was used to read something like: "If you really want feature X as the language Y does, then go use that language.". I must confess that it somewhat shocked me in the beggining, but later I realised they were right; many languages born to be small, flexible, fast etc. but they let to be 'evolved' by hypes , booms, fireworks and Java (LOL). So, naturally, they became Barbie on vacation, Barbie with glasses, Barbie hairdresser ... (OT: Have you ever seen a Barbie Computer Programmer? Perhaps a Barbie Web Designer?).

As said, Lua allows you to make almost everything you ever need. It's all about how to make it. People are sticked to their mother languages, their culture, their sunday's barbecue. Sometimes it is difficult to see solutions from simple problems. If your problem is to encapsulate methods, properties, atributes etc., use a single file for each class. That's what I do and works just fine with metatables and [gs]etfenv(). In this way, you have a clean 'unit' with locals (private), functions and public stuff.

Instead of changing the language -- as it already gives you a mechanism to do what you want -- change your's and/or your users' design philosophy. It's tough at first, but when everyone learn it, things will start to happen smoothly.


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