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> > Please, read this guy's homepage first before spreading his stuff to
> > other
> > lists.
> Sorry about that.

Actually, thanks for pointing this "gem" out!

> >  Parental guidance strongly advised. Funny -- he hates killfiles. :-)
> > Actually he hates _lots_ of things, except four letter words.
> I have to confess that I greatly enjoyed some of is, er, "position
> papers" 8^)

Me too! Not wanting to start a flame war here, but I must confess that I
sympathize with his political views too. :-)

> It's not so much about OOP itself, but rather the timing of his post
> related to my own perverse desire to concoct an OOP system in Lua. I
> found it very ironic. Therefore my enjoyment.

Careful with that perverse desire... I'm beginning to see a lot of
similarities between you and Xah. :-)

Just kidding!

-- Thiago