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On Jan 29, 2005, at 03:08, Mike Pall wrote:

Please, read this guy's homepage first before spreading his stuff to other

Sorry about that.

 Parental guidance strongly advised. Funny -- he hates killfiles. :-)
Actually he hates _lots_ of things, except four letter words.

I have to confess that I greatly enjoyed some of is, er, "position papers" 8^)

Anyway, there are better articles out there on this topic. Google for
'OOP criticism' or 'OOP debunking'.

It's not so much about OOP itself, but rather the timing of his post related to my own perverse desire to concoct an OOP system in Lua. I found it very ironic. Therefore my enjoyment.

Sorry for the noise.

Now... if someone could just point me to the right direction and clearly demonstrate how to put the mythical LuaSocket, LTN12 and coroutines sisters all together, I would be "mochu" delighted :))


PA, Onnay Equitursay