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Hello Grisha,

Tuesday, January 25, 2005, 10:06:51 PM, you wrote:

>> welcome. one of the fun things about this list is 
>> guess-the-nationality ( where are the russians ? )

G> We are right here, listeining :).

Not only listening, i suppose. I'm still working on my Soft Type

I've altered lua-5.0.2 core, and it now supports supports such code as:

function onReceive(Character self, Character c, Item i)
  if i ~= WonderfulStaff then
    local Character slave = findMobile(3124);
bind_hook(SlavesMaster, HT_Recieve,  onReceive);

Where bind_hook function checks signature of onReceive, and *:purge(),
*:attack() calls are compiled in special instruction, not OP_SELF.
My altered core includes several other features, not connected with
STS, i.e. what i call `fast registry system'.

PS/ I've called this lua with altered core `galua', because we here
pronounce this in the same way as the name of Galois(famous

Best regards from Siberia,
 Antero Vipunen.

"Our highest degree of knowledge is intuitive, without reasoning." (John Locke)