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> Friends how do I make one file *.exe of one script in Lua ?

I'm not aware of any automatic way to do that. I believe you'd have to embed
your Lua scripts in a C program (check etc/bin2c.c in the Lua distro) and
have that program trigger your script (with lua_dobuffer).

(Do we have an answer for this newbie question anywhere in the Wiki?)

Oh, and I have a few additional advices for you:

1) Read the book "Programming in Lua", it's freely available at - buy it if you find it useful.

2) Don't ask stupid questions which are obviously covered on the book.
Otherwise, people here will grow upset. Learn how to make smart questions:

3) Learn English. You won't make very far into any computer sciences if you
can't speak English.

E se você tem 23 anos, está mais que na hora de aprender inglês. As suas
mensagens escritas usando o tradutor são quase ininteligíveis. Se não houver
outro jeito, tente pedir ajuda para algum amigo escrever, mas não use
tradutores for god's sake.

-- Thiago