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Philippe Lhoste wrote:

Searching something else, I found some projects using Lua but that, for some reason, are not listed in the user project list <>, and rarely or never mentioned in this discussion list.

- FreePOPs was mentioned by the creator (Enrico Tassi?) in this list, it can be found at It allows to access webmail content through a local POP3 server, Lua being used to parse HTML pages (I oversimplify description...).

- Celestia, the well known "free real-time space simulation that lets you experience our universe in three dimensions." <>. It can be scripted in Lua since the 1.3.1 version (current version is 1.3.2).

- MUSHclient is a commercial MUD client for Windows, scriptable in Lua, amonst other scripting languages.

There are probably more, but that's all I found today...
May I suggest to authors, if they (still) read this list, to officially mention your software (or Lua scripting extension) to Luiz for inclusion in the above page?

World of Warcraft uses LUA, too. There is even an WOW specific LUA-Editor in the works.

Here are some links:

I wonder, if anyone at Blizzard reads this list; may be they could explain a bit better where and why they are using LUA.
I think this would be interesting to read.