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I think Lua "extended instructions" ala MMX could eventually be there, but this is building on somewhat futuristic ideas (reprogrammable FPGA as a coprocessor) only now beginning to surface on the market.

Anyhow, my initial post was not about this, but simply a traditional I-don't-care-which-cpu gadget, that'd be software-wise set up to run Lua applications well. Or, even to run them exclusively.


15.1.2005 kello 18:20, skaller kirjoitti:

 On Sat, 2005-01-15 at 19:45, Philippe Lhoste wrote:
Asko Kauppi wrote:
Still thinking what I'd like of Lua. A nice, cheap, portable hardware platform totally running it. I know.. it's just a matter of time. But think if -say- iPod Photo could be scripted in Lua. :D Or am I just
too Mac-aholic?

Or too Lua-holic?... :-)

Recently, I wondered if one could make a Lua processor, ie. one that
would use Lua VM opcodes as native instruction set... That would be fast!

No it wouldn't. It has been tried before -- Lisp machine for example --
and it was an abysmal failure .. slower than a conventional

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