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Asko Kauppi wrote:
Still thinking what I'd like of Lua. A nice, cheap, portable hardware platform totally running it. I know.. it's just a matter of time. But think if -say- iPod Photo could be scripted in Lua. :D Or am I just too Mac-aholic?

Or too Lua-holic?... :-)

Recently, I wondered if one could make a Lua processor, ie. one that would use Lua VM opcodes as native instruction set... That would be fast!

I believe Sun wanted to make a Java processor in this spirit, but don't know if it was done and sold. Did it went past the state of project? If it was made, did it still exists?

I suppose it would be hard to do the same for Lua, unless modern electronics make this easy (ASICS?) Another problem is that Lua team can change dramatically this set of opcodes from one version to the next...

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