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Yes, this (classes) could well get my vote for things to commonalize (not standardize ;) after the modules dilemma will be out of the way.

Something like a simple 'class.' table like the rest of the Lua add-ons. I'd like that. :)

Of course, there's nothing keeping us from starting that work already now.


14.1.2005 kello 16:57, André de Leiradella kirjoitti:

 My tentative list:

-  function environments (see (1) below)
-  coroutines (is there *anyone* at all who agrees??  :-)  )
-  mutable upvalues (see (2) below)
-  proxy constructions

And some pluses:

+  __pairs metamethod
+  __settable, __gettable metamethods

What about:

+ Classes and objects

It's #1 to me. This seems to be a common wish, every now and then we see threads on this topic and many people have developed workarounds so that
it looks like Lua is a real OOP language, and (or as) the game
programing community uses C++ a lot. It's not necessary to add
predefined classes to the core (like Java's VM that rely on String and
StringBuffer at least), just the ability to define classes, instantiate
objects and calling [inherited] methods.


Andre de Leiradella