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PA wrote:
> On Jan 13, 2005, at 16:14, Ashish Ranjan wrote:
> >(

Only listening to the most vocal proponents of either camp is a bad idea.
The flamewar on this topic is raging for quite a while now. A bit more
modesty on either side would certainly help. Please let's not spread the
discussion on this list.

Transparent persistence is an old concept with many variations. Prevayler
is not a particularly good one and the codebase sucks. But the ideas behind
it should not be discounted. Not that many people are running around in
T-shirts that say 'I love SQL' or 'I do O/R mapping for fun'. There must
be a reason for this. Enough said.

But back to Lua: There is no reason to put transparent persistence into
the Lua core. Lua provides enough meta mechanisms to implement this in an
add-on library. And this is one of the key differences between Lua and
other languages.