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I am studying Lua to learn how to make more flexible games and systems.  It looks very promising.

At first, I have concentrated on the fundamentals of the C API so I could call Lua->C and C->Lua and create new types with userdata in my samples.  Mechanically i feel okay.  My bigger struggle is how to best use Lua to get the most benefit.  This is where I found littler information, samples and discussions.

In one case I could use Lua scripts to handle events at very predefined spots in my code; maybe it is too limiting.  In another case I thought of running Lua script like an applet in a separate interpreter in a separate thread.  But, I wonder how/if I can call a Lua script callback from another thread.

Are their any good links on strategies and architectures for a beginner to learn.  I like to see study some successful uses.  Thank you ahead of time.

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