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El 07/01/2005, a las 21:52, Asko Kauppi escribió:

LuaCheia and LuaX both use essentially the same Lua5 SDL binding (by me). LuaX has the most recent version.

A great SDL binding, of course ;-). And that's right, maybe we should update the version present in LuaCheia.

If bloat is negative to you (it's relational, anyway), grab LuaX and throw out any Modules/* subdirectory you're not interested in. The build process will autodetect this, and only build the modules you left there (minimal: keep at least Sys and SDL).

Wow! Asko, I didn't notice that a I never wondered how to disable modules... Great! With LuaCheia you can do a similar thing when building:

  $ ./configure --enable-modules=SDL   # Only builds the 'SDL' module
$ ./configure --enable-modules=SDL,rex # Only builds the 'SDL' and 'rex' modules

...and so on. If you're going to use LuaCheia I strongly suggest to obtain the latest version from CVS, as the source packages available at SourceForge are pretty outdated, plus the latest releases from CVS are moving towards the "new" module packaging framework that will be featured with Lua 5.1

If you don't know wether to use LuaX or LuaCheia, I would suggest to try both and decide which solution you feel more comfortable with, but I'm sure that the newer version of the SDL module in LuaX (and the fact that it's being developed more actively, afaik) means that it has some nifty features you might want to use.


Adrian Perez
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