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LuaCheia and LuaX both use essentially the same Lua5 SDL binding (by me). LuaX has the most recent version.

If bloat is negative to you (it's relational, anyway), grab LuaX and throw out any Modules/* subdirectory you're not interested in. The build process will autodetect this, and only build the modules you left there (minimal: keep at least Sys and SDL).


7.1.2005 kello 21:23, Joe Seeley kirjoitti:

 I am trying to use the existing SDL binding for Lua in Lua 5.  I try
to access this library using the loadmodule function like this:

if loadmodule then

Is this still supported with Lua 5?  It looks like the existing SDL
binding was created against Lua 4.  I know I could use the LuaCheia
distro, but I want to keep this as minimal and portable as possible;
the LuaCheia distro has too much overhead for my purposes.