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El 05/01/2005, a las 20:20, Mark Hamburg escribió:

I would love to have a Lua-based Wiki to use since I'm hacking Perl somewhat
by guesswork.

Look at

The wiki syntax os very similar to the one in the Lua-users wiki (

I haven't made any updates since June 2003, but worked well for me as a little demonstration of the capabilities of Lua when one of my mates at the University said that it wouldn't be possible to make a CGI-based web application with Lua.

I mainly used it with THTTPD, but as noted in the README, should work with Apache (tip: if does not work, try disabling chroot).

Flaws: formatting rules output HTML 4.0 and not the newer (and better) XHTML 1.x, the rule that adds the paragraph tag is somewhat «fuzzy». The shelve-based storage backend is very well tested (I coded it just for some extra fun). No CSS styles used, so no easy CSS customization possible (but page templates are easily editable). The README talks about things that would be implemented some day but they're unavailable.


Adrian Perez
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