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I've other problems trying to do the same, just w/ the Visual Studio 2003 Toolkit. When compiling many errors come, mainly 

- unallowed conversions, e.g. WXHANDLE, void* now, seems to be long before
- missing functions, e.g. wxWindow.Clear(), or changed function declarations
- missing constants, e.g. various wxSTC_SCRIPTOL_*, which really do not exist in the wx sources

Nevertheless the wxLua homepage states that it should be compilable w/ 2.5.3 and there is also a 2.5.3 binary available, so it should work somehow.

Any idea?

Regards, Frank

Lua list <> schrieb am 01.01.05 15:50:45:
> Hi!
> I'm trying to compile this binding under Mingw32 (GCC 3.3.1) (using own 
> makefile) and got an error:
> wxLuaSplitTree.cpp
> ../../lib/wx/wxWidgets-2.5.3/include/wx/msw/dc.h: In member function 
> `virtual
> void wxRemotelyScrolledTreeCtrl::PrepareDC(wxDC&)':
> ../../lib/wx/wxWidgets-2.5.3/include/wx/msw/dc.h:256: error: `wxDC&
> wxDC::operator=(const wxDC&)' is private
> wxLua26.253/wxLua/wxLua/Library/wxLuaSplitTree.cpp:224: error: within this
> context
> make[1]: *** [obj/wxLuaSplitTree.o] Error 1
> In the other hand when I use original makefile provided by authors of 
> wxLua I got error in wxLuaDebug.cpp:62:
> definition of static data member 'wxClassInfo 
> wxLuaDebugEvent::ms_classInfo' of dllimport'd class.
> How to compile this binding? I want wxLua.dll linked dynamically with 
> lua.dll and wxWidgets 2.5.3 libraries which I can load with loadlib() 
> through require(). It is workable?
> -- 
> Regards,
> Adam Dziendziel, Poland

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