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> Just to let you know, I have in fact tested a methodology that'd 
> provide the thing you want. And yes, it is OS independent.
> The point would be, to create whatever app you want with, say, LuaX. 
> Then, once you're ready, push a red button (or run "" ;) to 
> create multiple binary self-extracting images. Only containing the 
> files, modules etc. that you wanted.

But how does the pushbutton know, which Lua libs and files to include into the package? I state the C-libs for the linker to create the statically linked executable, so do I also state the required Lua sources in some configuration or is some magic involved?

> [Another approach would be to make multi-os CD's, capable to be run (or 
> even, autorun) from whatever OS there is. I did this in.. 2002? and it 
> worked. With a little USB dongle. It was neat.]

I'm currently very selfish and it's enough for me and for now to get it running on windows, because that's my daily environment (IUP wouldn't be an option otherwise because AFAIK the golden days of motif are gone) - whether I like it or not. But I'll try to be prepared for the day when the world outside Explorer.exe is discovered :)

> Once executed, these .dmg/.exe/.sh's would unwrap themselves into 
> /temp, and run from there. Cleanly cleaning away any trashes when 
> closed.  How do you like?

Did I miss a point or where can I find it? If it's part of LuaX than it's OK and I'll find it later on - I still can't open the URL.

Thx for your support,

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