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> > The Lua 5.2 package system (with "loaded" and "preloaded" 
> > libraries) should make things even cooler -- some of the hacks
> > needed to make LuaSocket statically linkable into a single file
> > will become redundant. (LuaSocket was made to have supercool
> > run-time loading characteristics, which need to be emulated if
> > it is to be statically bound to an EXE.)
> > 

> ... this is an answer. I saw that Lua 5.1 is currently in work, 
>is there already any date for 5.2.

No. I wrote "5.2" but I meant "5.1" :-) Sorry. A slip of the pen.

Seriously, look at:

-the function lua_dobuffer()
-the program bin2c
-the program srlua

>From there, the rest is detail ;-)