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> >- adding functionality to Lua libs w/o ending up in an 
> >5,000 file installation: I would prefer additional workload for 
> >the developer if it would still be possible to deliver a 
> >standalone app (a statically linked lua.exe w/ core and 
> >appropriate C-libs) w/ maybe one extra file (Lua-lib and app 
> >source in one "package").
> Assuming you have a Lua library that is statically built (I have 
> one with all the standard libraries, plus LuaThread, LuaSocket 
> and LuaFileSystem) then delivering a Lua program in a single EXE 
> is trivial. 

I can see this and that's why I was trying to get some C libs compilable w/ SCons because I wanted to make the process of "packing" a static executable as easy as possible. My concerns were related to the delivery of the additiona Lua sources and ...

> See srlua (sr == "self-running") as a good HowTo 
> guide. See also bin2c (in the /etc directory) for how to take Lua 
> code (in source or object form) and "link" it into your EXE.
> The Lua 5.2 package system (with "loaded" and "preloaded" 
> libraries) should make things even cooler -- some of the hacks
> needed to make LuaSocket statically linkable into a single file
> will become redundant. (LuaSocket was made to have supercool
> run-time loading characteristics, which need to be emulated if
> it is to be statically bound to an EXE.)

... this is an answer. I saw that Lua 5.1 is currently in work, is there already any date for 5.2.

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