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> > Avoid sensible names like the plague!
> > Never call files 'memory.h' 'io.h'
> > 'sock.h' or such like .. that's so sensible
> > you're certain to get a clash with another
> > sensible person :)
> I am sorry to disagree. 
> The other include files are supposed to be in the same 
>directory as the internal LuaSocket modules that include them

Indeed. Ironically, though, Lua's own library tree is not
set up that have /src/lib for the library source,
and /include for all headers, including library ones.

It would be rather nice if a library as useful as LibSocket
were laid out so that it could readily be built for both
dynamic and static use, and could readily be dropped into the
library source tree of the core Lua distro, just like LuaThread 

Seems a pity to have to leave a single header file in /src/lib
(when all the others are in /include) just so it can be called
"io.h". (I tend to agree that "io.h" *is* a bad name, albeit 
for inelegant historical reasons.)