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On Tuesday 21 December 2004 04:39, Brett Bibby wrote:
> Um, I won't argue that Lua is great because it is, but it doesn't compile
> on any platform I know of without numerous warnings if you actually set the
> compiler to verbose.  I would strongly suggest that you look at those
> warnings across your platforms at least once before disabling them.

We compile Lua on our platform with -Wall and don't get any warnings. It's a 
gcc-based compiler with 16-bit short, 32-bit int, 64-bit long and IEEE 
doubles, so it's a pretty vanilla setup.

> The 
> main issues are implicit type casting between double and float and long and
> ints.  For example, on platforms like the PS2 you have to be really careful
> that you don't accidentally enable emulated doubles.  Also, we have
> denormal trouble on the PC when using Lua and DirectX together.  Each time
> a new Lua is released we spend at least a full day fixing all the warnings.

But aren't you *allowed* to implicitly cast between double and float and long 
and int? Unfortunately I don't have my copy of the C standard here, but I'm 
reasonably sure that's all legal. Not meaning to quibble, but it sounds as if 
your warnings are platform-specific, due to one of the C standard's 
assumptions not being entirely true on your platform... can you quote a few?

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