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	Hi Javier,

On Thu, 16 Dec 2004, Javier Guerra wrote:
> or maybe i could store that table with the Stable API?
	I think you could.

> > > maybe i would modify the fastcgi launcher to get rid of the venv() for
> > > each call... i still feel that it negates most of the advantages of the
> > > persistent state of fastCGI
> >
> >  You can do that but be careful because CGILua expects to
> > run in a clean environment.
> >   Tomas
> that experiment would be after i feel comfortable with the other additions.
> i still don't really understand why is it desirable to isolate each request
> with a venv(),  what would you think about doing just one venv() surrounding
> the main request loop in the fastcgi launcher?
	One VEnv surrounding the main loop is useless.  VEnv is used
to isolate one request from another, to guarantee the environment
integrity.  Without this protection a script can change CGILua's
behavior.  For example:

cgilua.put = nil

	This will affect not only this script but everyone's.