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On Tuesday 14 December 2004 11:48 am, Tomas wrote:
>  I don't have performance numbers yet (this is work for 2005 :-).
> I think you want only the launchers layer, not entirely CGILua.  So, cut
> it off!  A simple modification inside the launcher .lua files will do
> what you want.

right, i had thought about that a lot... but i'd like to keep the http-parsing 
code.  and it would be better if my launcher could still launch standard 

> > right, that's the limitation of non-preemptive multitasking;
>  (I think it would be worst with preemptive multitasking :-(

me too, but in the end would be easier

> > but if every
> > event is managed on sub-second times, it wouldn't be noticeable for a
> > medium group of users.  for wide scalability, fastCGI with SA could help
>  Yes.  SA seems to be a better solution.

my main target is for internal app servers on SMEs, usually most of the users 
have a window open, but only a few are really using the app at any moment.  
that's why i'd like to keep it lightweight and simple.

maybe i should forget about http, and write a generic client on javascript, 
that simply opens a socket to a Lua app server.  every user would get a 
stable connection, and the state would be tied to that.  (with a common 
environment for shared data)

but i'm even more ignorant in javascript than in Lua... can it do generic 


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