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I would suggest containing the producer made functions in a table,
like a library. That way there should never be a conflict.


On Sun, 12 Dec 2004 22:37:41 +0100, Jacek Czerwinski
<> wrote:
> Hi Everybody!
> Let's imagine a piece of software (Lua 'class') implemented by
> producer (mainly C), extended locally by customer in long time project.
> At start, method 'social_number' is absent, few moths later customer add
> data 'social_number', year later producer add such method and we have
> conflict.
> I ha some ideas to resolve conflict:
> 1. Producer elements begining from Upper case letter, customer from lower case
> 2. from underscore, selected and reserved letter (like X). Form of
> Hungarian notation ...
> 3 ... other ideas
> Some other long targets: a) in watches, repositorium (etc) present in some
> logical order.
> b) additional parser for checking rule
> --
> Regards,
>  Jacek Czerwinski