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If you already have an application using Win32 API and MFC then I suggest you to use a toolkit that supports native controls, i.e. controls drawn by the same way the other controls you use are drawn. Or else you will get visual inconsistency in your application.

  If wxWidgets is too much for you then I suggest you to try IUP.

It is hard to say which toolkit is more widely used. IUP is used by most of the Tecgraf applications. And it is starting to get used by others too.


At 20:03 12/12/2004, you wrote:
Hi Everybody!

What GUI-Lua toolkit is the best, most popular and with hope for long
future life.
Projected application isn't game or graphic (drawing) programm - I
need form/dialogs with text/number content.
Label, edit, combobox, listbox, datecontrol, memo, radio- and checkbuttons.
Only Windows in near future.

My application is NOT Wx based, so wxLua will be to have.
IUP - is more widely used ?
Fox ?
Other ?

 Jacek Czerwinski