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I have working FLTK in the past but now I am working with bindings based on tolua and fox library, very am satisfied with this, obtaining a very good behavior in linux and Windows, but the main advantage with respect to the FLTK, is that FOX made possible integration with OCX controls in Windows since FOX uses windows for all the controls, on the contrary that FLTK. And FOX Library is more active and complet project that FLTK.This offers a greater abstraction on non grafics objects like semaphores, files etc.

Jacek Czerwinski wrote:

Hi Everybody!

What GUI-Lua toolkit is the best, most popular and with hope for long
future life.
Projected application isn't game or graphic (drawing) programm - I
need form/dialogs with text/number content.
Label, edit, combobox, listbox, datecontrol, memo, radio- and checkbuttons.
Only Windows in near future.

My application is NOT Wx based, so wxLua will be to have.
IUP - is more widely used ?
Fox ?
Other ?