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The answer is in lua.h which defines #define LUA_IDSIZE	60.
This the maximum string length of the display string.

A quick check of the code shows that ther is probably not any problems
in expanding this length and recompiling .

The function that does the work is in ldebug.c 
void luaO_chunkid (char *out, const char *source, int bufflen)

> The error usually looks something like this:
> [string "path/file.lua"]:168: attempt to call global 'SomeFunc' (a nil
> value)., where "path/file.lua" seems to be the chunkname I pass to
> luaL_loadbuffer.
> names. In these cases, the string "path/file.lua" gets truncated with
> a ...
> (e.g. "top/next/another/more/keep/going/fi...)